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Spring 2024 Tour


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Mon., June 10 @4:30pm NCAPCD Conference, Chicago, IL

Mon., June 10 @7pm - Baldwin Library Public Library, Birmingham, MI (ZOOM)

Tues., June 11 @7pm - Lexington Library, Lexington, MA (ZOOM)

Wed., June 12 @1pm Central - Obama Foundation (ZOOM)

Thurs., June 13 @10am PST - CISCO (ZOOM)

June 20 - Gay Pride Celebration - ZOOM

June 27 - Asian Youth Center, Monterey Park, CA

Mon., July 1 @2pm - American Library Association

To invite the author, email

Thanks to the University of Michigan  Alumni Association and other community groups for supporting individual readings.

Fall Tour and Docuseries!

In celebration of the paperback release on Oct. 1, I will embark on another tour. There are 24 chapters in my book, so I will do 24 more readings. This time, they will all be in Chinese restaurants and my conversation partners will be the owners or staff. This way, they can tell their stories, too. If you know of a good restaurant to visit, please let me know!

Also, I will be filming these talks as part of a new 8-part docuseries on the history of Chinese restaurants in America. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to support this project, please click here.

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